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Kavady is normally held during a 10-day period and centers around the worship of Lord Murugan who represents the six senses of our human existence. The temple observes the Thai Poosam and Chitrai Paravam kavadies and also Skande Sasthi during the year.

Car Prayers

Car prayers are performed when a devotee acquires a new vehicle. The devotee should first offer prayer to Lord Ganesha and then visit the temple for a car prayer to be performed by the Guru.


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This prayer is offered in mid July to mid August annually. The prayer consists of an offering to the divine mother by a devotee on the occasion of attaining success in ones life, such as:
The birth of a new baby.
Someone getting over an illness.
Protection from danger.
Various other aspects that a devotee would like to express love and thanks to the Divine
Mother for protection.


This is performed by devotees over a nine-day period starting on a Friday and finishing on a Saturday or over a nine-week period. This is normally undertaken by families on an annual basis. The prayer is a dedication to the planets in order to create a balance in the year ahead and also move impediments out of our path in the year ahead.

House Prayers

When a family acquires a new home it is important for them to perform a hawan which purifies the environment that they are going to live in. Hawan should be performed at one’s home on a yearly basis.