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Our Values

The Shree Ganesha Prathanay Kootum Temple, humbly welcomes all devotees regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. The temple's deep rooted value's aim to inspire the love of spirituality, a passion for righteousness and a consciousness to their duties to the Divine Mother and their fellow community members.

Temple Festivals Gallery

Check out the amazing festivals held at our temple. By the grace of the Divine Mother we continue to grow from strength to strength with the amazing support of the devotees and community.


Thai Pongal – Wed15 January
Thai Poosam – Flag Hoisting Thur 30 January
Thai Poosam Kavady – Sat 8 February
Shivaratri – Fri 21 February
Maha Kali Prayer- Fri 28 February to Sun 8 March
Ram Naumi – Thur 2 April
Sri Hanuman Jayanthi – Tues 7 April
Good Friday Amman Prayer – Fri 10 April
Temple Anniversary Sat 11 April
Tamil New Year – Tues14 April
Chitra Paruvam Kavady – Tues 28 April – Thurs 7 May
Vaikasi Visagam – Thur 4 June
7 Temple Yathra/Pilgrimage – Sun 28 June
Aadhi Velli’s: 17, 24, 31 July and 4, 11 Aug
Fire Walking Prayers – Flaghoisting – Friday 24 July
Varalakshmi Viratam – Friday 31 July
MAIN DAY Firewalking – Sun 2 August
Krishna Janmastami – Wed 12 August
Ganesha Chathurti – Sat 22 August
Purtassi – Thur 17 Sep to Fri 16 Oct
Purtassi Flag Hoisting – Thur 17 September
Temple Purtassi Prayers – Sat 19 September
Raam Bhajan – Sat 3 October
Hanuman Jhunda – Sun 4 October
Navaratri – Sat 17 Oct to Sun 25 Oct
Saraswathi Poojay & Celebrations- Sat 24 October
Vijaya Dasmi -Sun 25 October
Deepavali – Sat 14 November
Skanda Shasti – Sun 15 Nov to 20 Nov
Karthigai Deepam – Sun 29 November
Kannieamman Prayer – Sun 13 December

Prayer List

Our Guru is available to undertake certain prayers by appointment only, these include weddings, memorial services and book openings.

Car Prayer List

Car prayers are performed when a devotee acquires a new vehicle. The devotee should first offer prayer to Lord Ganesha and then visit the temple for a car prayer to be performed by the Guru

Kavady Prayer List

Kavady is normally held during a 10-day period and centers around the worship of Lord Murugan who represents the six senses of our human existence.

Navagraha Prayer List

This is performed by devotees over a nine-day period starting on a Friday and finishing on a Saturday or over a nine-week period. This is normally undertaken by families on an annual basis. The prayer is a dedication to the planets in order to create a balance in the year ahead and also remove impediments out of our path in the year ahead.

Garagam Prayer List

This prayer is observed in the month of Adi for the divine mother Mariammen.

House Prayer List

When a family acquires a new home it is important for them to perform a hawan which purifies the environment that they are going to live in. Hawan should be performed at one’s home on a yearly basis.

Madi Prayer List

The prayer consists of an offering to the divine mother by a devotee on the occasion of attaining success in ones life.

Join Our Sunday Prayer Service

Our prayer service is held weekly at the temple on a Sunday morning from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. The services are universal, incorporating all linguistic groups, and encourage participation by all families and youth. Guru then delivers powerful discourses on the various aspects of our Hindu dharma and on other topics that are relevant to ones life and the spiritual benefits to help cope with daily pressures.

Volunteer at Our Temple

Guru encourages the mentorship and guidance through the development of spirituality and prayer. Guru encourages Youth to join the programme to learn and understand the rituals and mantra’s, to better develop their spiritual connections.

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    Guru Deena Govender

    Head Priest

    TEL: +27 72 760 9021
    Email: guru@buccleuchtemple.org.za

    Contact Info

    23 Muller Street South, Buccleuch, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Monday-Sunday : 07:00 am - 18:00 pm
    Saturday Schedule
    Navagraha Prayer 07:30 am - 10:00 am
    Car Prayer 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Book readings and counselling 13:00 pm - 16:00pm